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Plaque: Cleaning Tips and Prevention

Plaque on your teeth is common and expected. Besides its unpleasant fuzzy texture, it can cause dental problems if not dealt with. Unfortunately for us, you can’t fully prevent it. Unless you don’t eat sugary and sweet foods or carbohydrates (but let’s

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Cleaning Tips For Braces

You’ve taken the step in getting your teeth aligned…but the work doesn’t stop there. Braces need daily care! This might be bothersome, but you want the best for your teeth and gums. Let’s get into some cleaning tips so that your teeth

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Types of Braces

Braces help with teeth alignment and getting a beautiful smile. How do they work? Well, braces put pressure on your teeth, causing the teeth to move into the correct place. When all their work is done, you’ll be feeling as confident as

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Which Floss is For You?

Is flossing uncomfortable for you? Then maybe you’ve been using the wrong floss. We get it! There’s so many to pick from!  Let’s dive into the different types of floss and find your ideal choice. Multi or Mono Nylon Multifilament floss is

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Wisdom Teeth: Myths & Facts

There’s some weird stories being told about wisdom teeth. Let’s get you clued up! Do you need to remove that weird third molar that seemed to come out of nowhere? Are wisdom teeth useless? Read on to find out the truth on

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Is Invisalign For You?

When it comes to teeth straightening, the first image that comes to mind might be uncomfortable braces that bring anxiety, inconvenience, and pain. Luckily, today there are more options to help achieve the perfect smile. We are proud to be a preferred

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